What is Floating in Gdansk

Floating on the surface of a solution of water and salt in a specially prepared cabin. Sensory isolation cabin (as mentioned here) is soundproof, a spacious room measuring 2.4m at 1.4m and 2.2m high. Thanks to these dimensions you can feel safe and very comfortable.
The water level in the cabin is only 25 cm, but thanks to its high salinity, the displacement is very large and allows you to freely float on its surface as if floating in the Dead Sea. EPSOM (magnesium sulfate), known for its health and beauty benefits, is added to the cabin filler water. Sulphates contained in the salt soothe and regenerate the joints, muscles and tendons, and magnesium in this form is absorbed through the skin which replenish the deficiencies resulting, for example, as a result of stress. Floating in the water is to calm the mind and relax the body, by limiting external stimuli. Sensory isolation cabins are the perfect place to provide this. In this so called friendly environment you may completely extinguish the light (you can also leave delicate lenses), i.e. reduce the visual impedance to zero. For ears, you may insert special disposable plugs, minimizing outward sounds. The solution of water and salt lifts you on the surface, i.e. you have the impression of lack of gravity – you therefore feel weightlessness. The water temperature (35 degrees) is close to the skin temperature, so the external touch stimuli are leveled to such an extent that we lose the sense of boundaries between the body and the water.
Every day, we are bombarded with information that our brains can not process. We are in information chaos that overwhelms us. To maintain balance and inner peace, a moment of respite is required for our mind. A reliable way to regenerate our vital forces is floating. Staying in the cabin, in specially created conditions, automatically changes the mode of operation of our brain. From the normal standby state, i.e. Betha (12-40 Hz), it goes smoothly to the state of Alpha (7-12 Hz), that is the state of relaxation and relaxation, and even further to the State of Theta (4-7 HZ), a state called deep meditation , obtained just before falling asleep and just after waking up. The level at which we are fully aware, we have access to deep decks of intuition (creative work), the mind receives clarity (useful in the learning process), and compulsive thoughts disappear (stress reduction). At the level of the body, the muscles relax and regenerate, there is a production of endorphins, prolactin, oxytocin (removal of pain) and removal of cortisol (stress hormone) from the body.
Scientific research proves that an hourly session is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep regeneration. The effects are felt after one floating session. In most cases this is the case and after the „first case” in the cabin people feel happier, healthier, have a more positive attitude to life and are more confident. The regularity and consistency of successive sessions intensify and prolong beneficial outcomes and can become a permanent supportive factor in difficult, life-long situations, with long-term stress or even circadian rhythms.
Floating in the US and in the West of Europe, Poland is gaining popularity. We provide the only cabin in the Tri-City and in the entire Pomeranian Province. If you want to know more, see the cabin for yourself, or talk about the experience of floating, call us or write us and we will greet you at ENDORFII with a cup of green tea.