Frequent questions about Floating

If you have any questions about the floating sessions – feel free to contact us.

Just bring a towel and a flip-flops. On site we provide shampoo, shower gel and ear plugs. You do not need a swimsuit because the whole room has a floating shower and a shower which you have at your disposal.

During the deep relaxation that occurs during the floating session it is very common to fall asleep which is completely safe. At the end of the cabin session we always give a signal.

Due to the fact that we daily control parameters such as pH, water peroxide (H2O2) and salt concentration – the water in the floating cabin is 100% sterile. Total water change in the cabin takes place periodically – depending on the frequency of use. Between customers, the entire water is filtered three times by specialized filters: UV, which eliminates all bacteria and viruses, and a very low permeability filter (1 micron) to keep water clear and remove any impurities. The high salinity of the water is also conducive maintaining high hygienic conditions. In addition, the water is periodically disinfected with specialized means and the cabin is thoroughly cleaned. Every person using the cabin is obliged to take a shower before the session. In summary, the water in the cabin exceeds the standards of swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Almost everyone can enjoy floating sessions except for occasional cases. Persons under the age of 18 may only use our services with the consent of their guardians or parents.
Other contraindications include:
•  epilepsy (epilepsy)
•  severe depression or psychosis (psychiatric treatment)
•  1st trimester of pregnancy
•  thrombosis
•  otitis
•  open wounds, skin lesions, ulcers

The „reconnaissance” session lasts 45 minutes. The session normally takes an hour. The whole cycle at this session lasts 1 h 25 min because before entering the water you have 10 minutes for showering and preparation and after the session you also have 15 minutes for showering, drying hair etc. Quick sessions are offered to customers who have never experienced a floating and they want to try it for the first time. Longer, non-standard sessions are also possible.

The benefits of the session are felt after the first time. However, during the first session, you will not experience all the benefits to the maximum, as your mind and body are only acquainted with the new conditions and begin to function for the first time in an environment without external stimuli. After the 3rd session the effects are very noticeable. Your mind will calm down, your body will relax, tension will shrink and stress will be minimized, I will not mention smooth skin and sharpened senses. If you suffer from pain in the spine, joint or migraines, you will feel less pain. Regular use gives you long-term benefits and works on the mind and body well, between sessions.

Wearing a cap is unnecessary and even inadequate as it may interfere with relaxation. Not wearing a cap allows you to take full advantage of the beneficial properties of EPSOM salts. There is no need to wear a swimsuit. The room where the cabin is located and the bathroom is exclusively for your disposal, you can feel at ease there.

No swimming skills are needed to float on water. The depth of water is only 25 cm and the high salinity of the water makes you self float on the water.

Do not consume alcohol and / or other substances that affect the state of perception.
Prior to the session, it is best to eat a light meal – do not overeat.
It is also advisable to opt out of wet shaving and epilation within 24 hours of your visit, as strongly concentrated saline can cause burning sensation and irritate the skin. Check out the „session flow” tab.

The room in which the cabin is located is firmly muted. The cabin itself is made of a material that very much minimizes the incoming noise. This makes the cabin isolate from the sounds so you can experience deep relaxation.

Depending on your inner needs. Regular customers use the session once, twice a week and others enjoy the session once a month. Athletes enjoy a session after every major exercise, and people who have stressful work outside of regular floating use the cabin, for example before an important meeting / gathering. The standard session lasts 60 minutes.
16. Is wearing contact lenses a problem?
Some clients during the session remain in the lenses. We recommend taking a picture of them before the session, because there is a chance of getting a little salt water on them and therefefore scratching could cause discomfort.

The session is dependent on how you can relax. Floating sessions allow you to become more and more calm which help you get rid of the fear you may have.
If you are afraid of the dark during the session – you can light the cabin at any time (the button at your fingertips).
However, if your anxiety attacks are related to abnormalities and you use psychiatric advice – we advise you to consult your doctor before the session.

EPSOM is a magnesium sulphate, and the magnesium in it penetrates the skin by raising its level in the body. Sulphates contribute to the formation of proteins in joints, enzymes, brain tissue, etc. They play an important role in the process of detoxifying the body. Bathing in Magnesium sulfate is  an excellent and easy way to supplement the deficiencies of these substances in our body. A Magnesium sulphate bath does not cause skin follicles typical to normal baths, but on the contrary makes the skin smooth and delicate after bathing. EPSOM salt is beneficial for various skin diseases.

You will use the cabin instead of the capsule. The interior of the cabin is very large and spacious – it is 2.4m long, 1.4m wide and 2m high. People with a high claustrophobia do not feel uncomfortable. The cabin has a lighting switch that you can press to switch on or off at any time of the session, if you decide to so. In addition, you can leave the cabin door open – which can greatly enhance your sense of comfort during the session. The sense of control and the ability to independently decide makes fear disappear upon entry into the cabin. Inside the cabin there is a button calling for service. Moreover, you may see the room and the cabin before you decide to attend.

Pregnant women can use the cabins, however, you should first consult a doctor if you are in the first trimester. The water temperature is not as hot as in the hot tub so this is not a counter-measure. In addition, pregnant women in this way can experience relaxation, relieve the backbone and experience many pleasant emotions associated with hearing the heart beat of your child. I personally was using a floating session while in the second month of pregnancy.

The water temperature is the same as the outside temperature of your body (34.8 degrees) if you have no fever. During the whole session, the water temperature is kept constant so that there is no cooling effect as in a bath.

Some clients during the session remain in the lenses. We recommend taking a picture of them before the session, because there is a chance of getting a little salt water on them and therefefore scratching could cause discomfort.

You can, but why? You will want to stay as long as possible in paradise 🙂