What is Floating

Floating on the surface of a solution of water and salt in a specially prepared cabin. Sensory isolation cabin (as mentioned here) is soundproof, a spacious room measuring 2.4m at 1.4m and 2.2m high. Thanks to these dimensions you can feel safe and very comfortable. Read more about Floating in Gdansk.

The benefits of floating

The special conditions created in the cabin cause the mind and body to fall into a state of deep relaxation. An hourly floating session is comparable to four hours of regenerating sleep. All-body relaxation is accompanied by the release of endocrine-releasing hormones into the bloodstream. Reduces the level of stress hormone – cortisol, which reduces stress. Floating session leads to a complete balancing of the circuits in our body, i.e. we return to the state of homeostasis.

The relaxation of the body is conducive to silencing the mind. The brain automatically wakes up from a state of alertness (beta waves) into a relaxed mode (alpha waves), then it deepens into a state of sharpening and unmatched clarity of mind akin to meditation (theta waves).

A session in the cabin lowers blood pressure and heart rate and decreases lactic acid levels (disappear). Another effect is the decrease in oxygen consumption during relaxation, which increases in intense exercise. There is a reduction in muscle tension, which drastically reduces the risk of injury. Parallel visuals and suggestions have proven to improve the performance in sports.

Endorphins released into the bloodstream have analgesic properties that are stronger than morphine and are active for many hours. Under the influence of a cabin session, the level of anxiety is reduced dramatically, and therefore pain is greatly reduced. The tested parameters such as blood pressure, pulse rate, corticotrophin levels, adrenaline, noradrenalin and dermal-galvanic responses are evidenced. As a result, the floating session alleviates the pain of the spine and head, joints. There is a remedies for migraines, arthritis, RA, fibromyalgia (muscle neuralgia).

Freely floating on the water relieves joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles to relieve pain and bring relief. A bath in brine is recommended for those recovering after any fractures, injuries and surgery. The body experiencing no gravity causes higher than normal blood circulation and reaching damaged areas, and with it the biochemical substances needed to heal.

The main reason for the emergence of increased creative thinking is concentration achieved by limiting sensory stimulation. Synchronization and the mobility of both cerebral hemispheres, results in balance and harmony. Creativity is enhanced by the fact that the mind automatically enters the state of alpha and theta when floating. Theta state, is a characteristic of deep meditation, giveing rise to a „glimmer”, since we then have access to the ideas of unconsciousness and intuition.

Research shows that floating sessions dramatically improve sleep quality by relaxing, removing tension and stress. Regular sessions eliminate insomnia, as REM sleep is restored.

Floating sessions regulate the work of the whole body, leading to homeostasis. They lower blood pressure, improve the functioning of the heart and circulatory system. They regulate the biochemistry of the organism, i.e. the endocrine system. Strengthening the immune and respiratory system, improves lymphatic circulation, reduces stasis, tissue edema and inflammation. Thanks to the high salinity EPSOM which is supplemented with magnesium levels. It cleanses the body of toxins and heals wounds faster. The salt solution also has a beneficial effect on joints. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antitumor effects. Floating sessions help the body absorb insulin, which therefore improves the functioning of the nervous system, and manages electrolytes. It also improves oxygen flow, contributing to better absorption of nutrients, improving brain tissue formation and even relieves migraine headaches.

The course of the floating session

1. Make a phone call to a floating session. If this is your first visit, we recommend a 45 minute session or 60 minute standard session.
2. It is important that you do not do epilating or shaving 24 hours before the session – skin sensitive after such surgery may get irritated during the session.
3. Do not drink coffee or drink energy drinks 1.5 hours before the session. Also, do not have a substantial meal.
4. Bring flip-flops and a towel. The cabin, shower and toilet are available for your session only so you do not have to wear a bathrobe or even take a bathrobe.
5. If this is your first session, come 10 minutes early so we can explain everything.
Determine whether you want music to play for 15 minutes or throughout the floating session, or you may decide if the music is not turned on or off.
7. When you are alone, set yourself a good light intensity and start preparing. You always have 10 minutes to prepare before and 15 minutes after the end of the session.
8. We recommend to use the toilet which is in the zone available only for you (even if you do not want to, use J when entering the water our physiology is doing psi … temptations J)
9. Have a shower. Wash your body and hair thoroughly – by washing all chemicals, cosmetics and contaminants. Cosmetics for washing are in the shower cabin. Rinse the body thoroughly so that no cosmetics will enter the cabin.
10. Wipe the face thoroughly with a towel.
11. If you wear lenses – remove them before entering the cabin.
12. Insert the earplugs you will receive from the operator.
13. If you have damaged skin, lubricate this area with Vaseline.
14. You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs under any circumstances.
15. Now you are ready for your adventure in the floating world

1. Enter the cabin, sit in the middle, close the door and lie gently on the water. To avoid getting water into your eyes while you are laying on the water, try not to make waves. Once you have settled down, allow your head to float freely on the surface without tensing your muscles. The correct positioning of the head is when your ears are under water and the head is slightly inclined to the rear. See what position you are comfortable with – arms folded along the body or perhaps bent along the head.
2. You have a red emergency button in the cabin – just in case you need to call the service. There is also a white button that switches on / off the delicate lighting – you decide yourself what mood is in the cabin. For better relaxation, it is recommended to switch off the light as soon as possible.
3. During the session do not think, do not analyze the whole day or other matters nor blame yourself for any wrong doing. Focus on what is here and now. As the water in the cabin is body temperature, and is maintained at the same level throughout the session, you will not feel cold.
4. Savor the time for you and only have for yourself. And your brain automatically enters the state of alpha and theta (deep relaxation). Your body, with every minute will be more and more relaxed.
5. For more details about what happens to you on floating, read the „What is floating” tab which you may watch in the attached movie provided.
6. Two minutes before the end of the session, you will hear delicate music from the speakers, which will be the sign that today is the end of the floating session. Slowly sit down, remove excess water from your hair, place your hand on your forehead and tilt your head back – this will prevent water from entering your eyes. However, if salt water gets into your eyes, do not panic, it’s safe, it can only cause slight stinging. After leaving, wash your eyes and face under the shower.

1. After the session, you have 15 minutes to prepare exiting and leaving the room.
2. From the cabin directly into the shower, remove excess salt from the body and rinse with body water (do not use shower salts to benefit from salt benefits). Do not walk around the room. Salt and the wet floor threaten slipping on the surface.
3. You can now dry your hair (there is a dryer in the room) and prepare to go out.
4. After leaving the room, you can still have a rest at the reception, have a cup of tea and share your impressions with us. We are very interested in your feelings and experiences.
Please respect the time, for both the time and the duration of the session are  taken into consideration for the subsequent customers.


These things are NOT to be done in the cabin and the bathroom:

  • not allowed in the cabin to lie down on the stomach and dive, it may cause the salty water to swell,
  • both in the shower and in the cabin to handle the physiological needs – this can be can result with high fines,
  • do not enter the cabin without taking a thorough shower,
  • using the cockpit you must not be influenced by alcohol and / or narcotic drugs,
  • before entering the cabin remove flip-flops,
  • perfume, hairspray and other fragrances must not be used in the room,
  • do not walk around the room if your body and feet are not washed off with salt. There is a high risk of slipping.